Source code for trackintel.visualization.locations

import matplotlib.patches as mpatches
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import warnings

from trackintel.geogr.distances import meters_to_decimal_degrees
from trackintel.visualization.osm import plot_osm_streets
from trackintel.visualization.util import regular_figure, save_fig
from trackintel.geogr.distances import check_gdf_planar

[docs]def plot_locations( locations, out_filename=None, radius=150, positionfixes=None, staypoints=None, staypoints_radius=100, plot_osm=False, axis=None, ): """Plot locations (optionally to a file). Optionally, you can specify several other datasets to be plotted beneath the locations. Parameters ---------- locations : GeoDataFrame (as trackintel locations) The locations to plot. out_filename : str, optional The file to plot to, if this is not set, the plot will simply be shown. radius : float, default 150 (meter) The radius in meter with which circles around locations should be drawn. positionfixes : GeoDataFrame (as trackintel positionfixes), optional If available, some positionfixes that can additionally be plotted. staypoints : GeoDataFrame (as trackintel staypoints), optional If available, some staypoints that can additionally be plotted. staypoints_radius : float, default 100 (meter) The radius in meter with which circles around staypoints should be drawn. plot_osm : bool, default False If this is set to True, it will download an OSM street network and plot below the staypoints. axis : matplotlib.pyplot.Artist, optional axis on which to draw the plot Examples -------- >>> locs.as_locations.plot('output.png', radius=200, positionfixes=pfs, staypoints=sp, plot_osm=True) """ if axis is None: _, ax = regular_figure() else: ax = axis _, locations = check_gdf_planar(locations, transform=True) if staypoints is not None: staypoints.as_staypoints.plot(radius=staypoints_radius, positionfixes=positionfixes, plot_osm=plot_osm, axis=ax) elif positionfixes is not None: positionfixes.as_positionfixes.plot(plot_osm=plot_osm, axis=ax) elif plot_osm: west = locations["center"].x.min() - 0.03 east = locations["center"].x.max() + 0.03 north = locations["center"].y.max() + 0.03 south = locations["center"].y.min() - 0.03 plot_osm_streets(north, south, east, west, ax) center_latitude = (ax.get_ylim()[0] + ax.get_ylim()[1]) / 2 radius = meters_to_decimal_degrees(radius, center_latitude) for pt in locations.to_dict("records"): circle = mpatches.Circle((pt["center"].x, pt["center"].y), radius, facecolor="none", edgecolor="r", zorder=4) ax.add_artist(circle) ax.set_aspect("equal", adjustable="box") if out_filename is not None: save_fig(out_filename, formats=["png"]) else: