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import pandas as pd
import trackintel as ti

[docs]@pd.api.extensions.register_dataframe_accessor("as_tours") class ToursAccessor(object): """A pandas accessor to treat DataFrames as collections of `Tours`. Requires at least the following columns: ['user_id', 'started_at', 'finished_at'] The 'index' of the DataFrame will be treated as unique identifier of the `Tours` For several usecases, the following additional columns are required: ['location_id', 'journey', 'origin_staypoint_id', 'destination_staypoint_id'] Notes ----- Tours are an aggregation level in transport planning that summarize all trips until a person returns to the same location. Tours starting and ending at home (=journey) are especially important. 'started_at' and 'finished_at' are timezone aware pandas datetime objects. Examples -------- >>> df.as_tours.plot() """ required_columns = ["user_id", "started_at", "finished_at"] def __init__(self, pandas_obj): self._validate(pandas_obj) self._obj = pandas_obj @staticmethod def _validate(obj): if any([c not in obj.columns for c in ToursAccessor.required_columns]): raise AttributeError( "To process a DataFrame as a collection of tours, " + "it must have the properties [%s], but it has [%s]." % (", ".join(ToursAccessor.required_columns), ", ".join(obj.columns)) ) # check timestamp dtypes assert pd.api.types.is_datetime64tz_dtype( obj["started_at"] ), "dtype of started_at is {} but has to be datetime64 and timezone aware".format(obj["started_at"].dtype) assert pd.api.types.is_datetime64tz_dtype( obj["finished_at"] ), "dtype of finished_at is {} but has to be datetime64 and timezone aware".format(obj["finished_at"].dtype)
[docs] def to_csv(self, filename, *args, **kwargs): """ Store this collection of tours as a CSV file. See :func:``. """, filename, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def to_postgis( self, name, con, schema=None, if_exists="fail", index=True, index_label=None, chunksize=None, dtype=None ): """ Store this collection of tours to PostGIS. See :func:``. """, name, con, schema, if_exists, index, index_label, chunksize, dtype)
[docs] def plot(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Plot this collection of tours. See :func:``. """ raise NotImplementedError